SEVADASJI AVENUE - Specification
Structure : R.C.C earthquake resistance frame structure.
Design as per IS : 456 -2000; IS : 1983, IS : 875, IS : 13920
Flooring : All Rooms with ceramic tiles,
Kitchen: Granite plateform stainless steel sink and glaze tiles dedo up to lintel level, wash area with cota stone floor,toilet bath ceramic tiles floor and glaze tiles dado up to 7ft, stair and passage cota stone
Openings : Doors: Decorative wooden frame.
Window: aluminium windows
Finishes : Internal smooth finish plaster. External- double coat sand face & polish plaster.
Building services :

Water Supply with c/u pvc pipes (ISI fittings)
Drainage line with pvc pipes (ISI fittings)
Electronic security system at ground level.
Lift for capacity of four person.
Provision of TV Dish antenna and telephone sockets in master bed room & living room.
24 hour water supply from over head tank will be provided and private Bore Well.
Indian water proofing treatment in the terrace will done for better.
Thermal insulation on top floor to reduce heat in summer.

Colour Work : White wach in common area/s, i.e. parking, staris, passages.
Distamper on all room ceiling, internal walls and surfaces in all rooms.
Cement paint on all exterior wall surfaces. Oil paint on wood work and grill work.